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OEPass deals with the topic of micro-credentials, the most timely and relevant concept in higher education and adult learning. Don’t miss the opportunity to be updated in this important topic by experts in the field!

You are kindly invited to participate in a 2 x 90 minutes workshop introducing the concept and use of the Learning Passport, the initiative of the Open Education Passport (OEPass) project.

The workshop will explain how the Learning Passport facilitates the recognition of open education credentials in Europe. The workshop embedded in the 10th EDEN Research Workshop will take place on 25 October 2018.

Higher Ed is changing in nature. A new way of thinking is evolving, shaping a new paradigm of higher education based on modularization. In the centre of this paradigm, the vision of personalized patchwork pathways of higher learning, qualifications and certification is manifested. The workshop shows how this vision evolves, and analyses its consequences for higher education institutions, outlining also the challenges of our current practice. It will be followed by an introduction to the Learning Passport and concluded with a practice session about the use of this new tool.

More information will follow on the Research Workshop website.

Research Workshop participants can register to the OEPass workshop here. Registered participants of the PhD Symposium (24 October, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) receive information about the reduced fee for participating at the OEPass event via email.